New Websites with WordPress

New sites are built upon the content management system WordPress. WordPress powers more than 25% of the web and can handle anything from a simple blog to an enterprise sized project.

Breton IT caters mainly to individuals, small businesses and non-profits who need a website. Why? Money. Most people don’t know what is involved in creating a new site – and others take advantage of that fact. Breton IT goes over everything in detail so you know what to expect at a price that is highly affordable.

Convert Old Sites to WordPress

Are you still running an old site built with HTML, or maybe you are not even sure what sort of site you have now? Lots of people and businesses had sites built years ago just to have an online presence. Your old site just might not be working for you the way it could be.

Breton IT can give your site a refresh to give it more features and a nicer, cleaner look.

Don’t neglect the power of social media as well – a great way to connect with your users/clients.

Support Your Existing Site

Already have your site on the web? Has the developer left you high and dry and now you have no idea what to do? Breton IT can help manage your existing website, whether powered by WordPress or not. Maybe you just want somebody to run quarterly updates or make small changes from time-to-time; Breton IT can take care of that for you for minimal cost.

Don’t let your website stagnate because you don’t know what to do. Contact Breton IT to take care of the nuts-and-bolts of keeping your site alive!